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Each month we produce a studio playlist
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Each playlist is accompanied by a short article
offering insight into our month, and the songs chosen
The playlists are available to stream on most services
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We also write articles about other topics which pop up
in-between playlists throughout the year
All our articles are published on Medium
and written by our director Keiron Calder
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K_N Studio Playlist 05
"Power Rangers, kitchen disco's, and being assaulted by a well dressed Swede..."
K_N Studio Playlist 04
"Bond girls, swearing at church, and natural grooming products..."
Designing awards for
tech pioneers
"Making Mountains, small town thinking, and dyeing my hands black..."
K_N Studio Playlist 03
"Aliens, Spy's, Stag parties and Miley Cyrus..."
K_N Studio Playlist 02
"Speeding cars, angry drummers, and David Hasselhoff..."
K_N Studio Playlist 01
Eavesdropping robots, self loathing, and musicals...
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